Hi! I’m Jules.

Big box “personal” styling services are great, and they work for some people, sometimes. But the thing is, no matter how great an algorithm is or how vast the inventory selection may be, it’s not always a 10/10 every time. Because you’re still limited to that company’s offerings and the service’s parameters. That’s extremely frustrating when you’re using said service to fill the gaps in your wardrobe or to add things that you wouldn’t ordinarily pick for yourself. When you don’t have the time or the desire to shop, or when you’re trying to fit and flatter a “new-to-you”body (hello pregnancy and post-partum mamas) style can feel really daunting. I get it. Then you’ve just wasted the “styling fee” and you feel you’ve come away without achieving your goal.

I’m a personal stylist with a passion for making people feel like the best version of themselves. I thrive on building confidence and showing you how to dress your body in a way that is flattering for your unique shape and that makes you feel like a million bucks. I believe that personal style is just that; PERSONAL. It’’s not a one size fits all solution. I’m obsessed with finding the right fit, style and silhouettes for your body shape that makes you step out of a dressing room and say “wow! I didn’t think I’d like this, but I love it!”.  I believe that you can have a very personal, true-to-you style on a budget and that you don’t need to be wealthy to look great. Being stylish all comes down to knowing your body and what looks great on YOUR figure; then finding those pieces that speak to your personality and putting them together in ways that make you look and feel great. I take the guesswork out of figuring out what to pair with which item. Breaking out of a rut or a comfort zone can be scary! I have an encouraging approach and I treat each of my clients as though we are old friends.

I take an extremely personalized approach. I talk to you one on one. I assess your body shape, learn your preferences and know the styles, silhouettes and fits that will work for your body to make you look and feel like the knock out that you are. And, I don’t stop until we’ve achieved your goal; whatever that may be! Postpartum and learning how to dress your new shape? I’ve got you. Looking for a complete look for a special event or a boss babe branding session? I’ve got you. Looking to discover what your personal style even is so that you can be equipped to shop for pieces that fit and flatter you every time? I’ve. got. YOU.

I have years of experience dressing hundreds of women (and men!) who never realized how great they could actually look and feel with the right pieces in the right way. This isn’t about me dressing you to look like me. This is about me helping you determine what YOUR style is and equipping you with the styles, tips and tricks to help you dress and feel like the knock out that you already are.